Vanessa’s Story

I went to the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee on a Thursday and had planned just to observe what was going on.  I was approached by one of the prayer team who asked if I wanted prayer. I agreed, as I was in need of help and strength to deal with my son who has been a worry. Having briefly explained why I wanted the healing prayers hands were gently placed on me and the prayer for strength began.

I had been suffering a lot of pain in my lower jaw which had got progressively worse over recent weeks. Just after one of the prayer team put his hand on my arm the pain in my lower jaw just went !!! I wasn’t sure what to say or do as the prayer for strength was still going on. I never felt so speechless in my life (those who know and love me will vouch for this).

WOW WOW WOW – is all I can say as I never even mentioned my physical pain. All I then wanted to do was call and tell my friend Jane who is a true believer that I believe too.

On the following Friday I had a call from my son, everthing was better than I have heard in a long time. He is so looking forward to a visit next week.