Testimony Shared

Passing on the Testimony

At a recent Congleton and Talke Healing Rooms training evening the content of the study included the power of testimony and how testimony can be used to bring healing into situations that are similar to the original testimony. The trainer reminded the group that the word “Testimony” comes from the Hebrew meaning “to do again”.

At this session one of the attendees shared how healing as a result of prophetic prayer had taken away intense pain that had developed in the lower back and pelvis.

The leader of the group took this as an opportunity to practice the lesson from the teaching and asked if anyone other persons had pain issues in the lower back or pelvis, three hands were raised. The member who had shared the testimony was asked to pray prophetically over these three persons using his own testimony and asking God to “do it again”. This prophetic prayer was done.

Two out of the three experienced a significant lessening of the symptoms and now some weeks later one of them is free from the pain that had lasted for a number years. Praise to God for this blessing.