Testimonies from the Miracle Night of 12th September 2020

Cynthia’s* Story

A lady asked for prayer for new knees and said she had suffered for years. We told her a Word of Knowledge had said God was going to heal knees that night. After praying – with her laying hands on her knees – we asked her to test them out. First time on a scale of 1 to 10 the pain went to 8, we prayed again and the pain dropped to 5. We prayed a third time and all pain had gone. She said, “Wow! I haven’t walked like that in years.”

Jane’s* Story

Thank you for responding to my query. I got in-touch with one your prayer team yesterday and we really prayed together and I believed for that which the Lord has promised through Jesus Christ. I had a good sleep last-night in quite a long time now to which I had. Glory to His name.

Helen’s* Story

This lady had severe pain in her left shoulder and very little movement. On a scale of 1 to 10 after prayer the pain reduced to 7 and then 5 with much freer movement. She was able to move the arm in a full circle where before there was hardly any movement at all.

Margaret’s* Story (In Margaret’s own words)

I hope you don’t mind my contacting you re Miracle Healing Night last Saturday, and to also ask you a question about future sessions.

Firstly, it was amazing… but my physical journey from my stairlift to my PC, a matter of 3 yds, was nearly impossible. I had never felt so weak, as if pushing through mud… I called out to the Lord to help me, and He did, I just made it to my chair. I have not experienced this level of weakness before or since and am sure it was the enemy not wanting me to get to the prayer room. Once there, I was prayed for very powerfully… I certainly felt the presence of God… a tightness around the outside of my head, and near the end I chose to get up and walk about the room. Not fully healed but able to move much better than my journey to my computer. Praise God. I was greatly encouraged, including going on to listen to the YouTube programme, live, afterwards. I was able to hear so many wonderful testimonies.

I had hoped to offer to pray for others in future events, but I don’t think I would have the physical stamina to be seated in one place for so long.  What I would really like to do is to keep coming back for prayer on those nights. I want to press in for my healing. I want my testimony to be on The Wall, to be on IAHR and HREW pages, giving glory to God and hope to others, especially those who have a diagnosis of motor neurone disease.