Team Members stories from the IAHM Miracle Night of 3rd October 2020

On the second of the Miracle Nights we were privileged to pray for 30 persons from 12 different nations. A number of healings were reported and some of these testimonies are shown here.

We prayed for a three year old boy who was in a wheelchair – he could not speak either. As we prayed he responded so positively. His face came alive and he made noises and kept turning his face to his Mum. She said, ‘Just listen to him, he doesn’t make noises like this!’ It was so good to see Jesus connecting with this little boy.

We prayed for a young lady with a blood condition. As we prayed she started laughing and laughing, then coughing. We encouraged her to cough it out!! She looked radiant. She was given a scripture which was the same one she had written in her journal that morning.

Another lady was given a word of knowledge about a disruptive home and marriage relationship which turned out to be right. She received prayer for this as well as the physical issue she presented us with. Which to us was probably symptomatic of the home situation.