“Supernatural Glue!!”

Just returned from a holiday in Turkey but what a time I had just before we went!

On the Thursday afternoon just before we flew out to turkey on the Friday a filling in my wisdom tooth came loose. I could feel it moving around in the cavity of my tooth  and I started to experience some pain. I rang the dentist but was told there were no appointments available and we were flying out the next day so getting it repaired wasn’t an option. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to pray for a supernatural repair which I did. I forgot about it for a couple of hours and when I came home for tea I noticed that the filling was no longer loose! but somehow fixed in place with no pain whatsoever. I enjoyed my 10 days holiday with no problems enjoying the food and fun without any issues.

I am due to visit the dentist soon but praise God the filling is still secure! We have such an amazing God !


Cliff Longshaw