Sally’s Story

One Friday I went for a routine eye checkup, and was told by my optician that it looked like I had the early signs of Macula Degeneration in my left eye!  My heart sank as for the last 12 months plus I have been taking my mother in law to hospital to have monthly injections in her eye due to this same condition.  I was scared!!!! The thought of it horrified me.
The optician referred me to my doctor and who arranged for me to see an eye consultant.
On the following Sunday I asked for prayer from two of the Healing Rooms Team.  Whilst they were praying I became aware of of what felt like a hair resting in the centre of my closed left eye.  I didn’t think too much of that until the same thing happened again to the same eye, but just slightly to one side of the first one!  I was aware that they were both the same length.  Then, much to my surprise I felt the same thing just the once but on my right eye , again the same length.
One of those praying for me began to mention things to do with my home life and I began to think he had been in my house, but he assured me that it was only God that had been there.
When they had finished praying I asked if they could see anything in my eyes as it felt that the wisps of ‘hair’ were still on my eyes (I didn’t dare to open my eyes or cry(which I felt like doing).  I could sense them looking but nothing was there that they could see.  I left feeling really encouraged that I had had a touch from God!!
My appointment with the consultant came through for the following Thursday, and on the Wednesday before I felt very wobbly about the appointment.
I attended the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee and was prayed for again, for peace and reassurance.  One more I left feeling uplifted and confident of my healing.
The next day I attended my appointment with the eye consultant.  PRAISE THE LORD he said “there is nothing there”!!!!! I leapt for joy outside the consultants too and my heart was singing praises to God for His amazing healing!!!!!