Phillipa’s Story

A word of knowledge came to the senior trainers at the conference, and as I sat in my seat I was surprised as I realised it was about me.  Is there anyone here who doesn’t smell?  Some laughter from the delegates, “or not able to smell”?  Jostling in my seat contemplating should I raise my hand?  Yes, I had nose blindness, not really an issue for me after all you get used to these things, don’t you?  A quick calculation and I reckoned I had lived with nose blindness for at least 8-10 years, but it no longer bothered me.


The team lead me to focus on Jesus as the team prayed.  An overwhelming feeling of being ‘precious’ came over me. I was not bothered by the nose issue, but God seemed to be, after all it was he who brought the subject up. That was kind of him.  In my heart I asked Jesus why?  He said if your child had a verruca but they could walk, skip, run, swim, wouldn’t you want to get rid of that verruca?  Of course I would, my child is precious to me.  I was encouraged to stay in the bubble of tenderness, affection and preciousness by the team.  This was a training session too so they asked how a nose blindness would occur.  A reply resonated with me, “it can be a symptom of an emotional issue”. 

My Miracle

After the pop-up café session, of which I was left feeling very loved and overwhelmed by Jesus’ kindness to me, I felt at peace that he was healing something. I left the coffee table.  Two ladies in training on the team approached me saying “seems that you had accepted the nose blindness, but the Lord would like to heal that decision”. I agreed.  So, I told them of the emotional issue, a situation that occurred in 2009 and 2013. They prayed off Shock and Trauma then they asked for the Alabaster fragrance of the Lord and suddenly POP, I could smell. 

Oh, my word, I had a waft of a hint of perfume. They handed me a tissue as tears of joy rolled down my face. Oh! I can smell the tissue paper. Prayer oil was placed on my hand and I could smell its delightful fragrance.  I washed my tear streaked face and could smell the soap.  Texting my beloved husband of my miracle, I could smell the leather case of my mobile phone, I could smell my dinner… Today I could smell a banana, coconut and strawberry jam.  Tonight, when I ignited the stove burner, for the first time in 10 years I could smell the gas. I am enjoying the experience of different smells, YAY 😊 Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you were bothered about my nose blindness, that you wanted to show me your tender grace.  I have known forgiveness, comfort, peace and unconditional love, but I didn’t realise that I was living with Shock & Trauma that had left me with a physical symptom. Father God showed me that I am also a precious daughter.  Thank you, Healing Rooms, for delivering the message of God and his healing Gift.