June’s Story

I had been in hospital for about 5 weeks and then home for 2 weeks. While I was in hospital and again while I was at home I had a terrible pain in my right leg in the calf.  I’d had a revision of a hip replacement and they’d pulled the nerve. When they equalise your legs the nerves are stretched. The nerve in the side of my leg was unbearable like a red hot poker.

A friend took me to the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee, we were there quite early so we went round the shops and I was in complete agony with tears rolling down my face. We went into Costa and my friend sat massaging the leg to ease the pain. I was at breaking point and the only way to get relief was to lie on the sofa or the bed to raise the leg.  It would ease it but it wouldn’t go. One of the prayer team came up to me and said, ‘would you like me to say a prayer?’ The team said a prayer and asked that God would take away this terrible pain. The prayer was said 3 times. There was a strange feeling in my leg during the prayer, not the terrible pain that I’d got but a sort of a tingling. As the team asked God for healing they said that Jesus loved me.

Eventually we went back to my friend and she said we’ll have to go as she had been planning to take me back home so I could lie down. We went back to the car and my friend lives about 5 mins away. When we arrived at my friends house I sat in the chair and the pain just wasn’t there. I don’t know if it had gone or if I’d blanked it out….. but it just wasn’t there and we sat and watched television and I didn’t want to lie down at all.  And we watched TV for some hours and then I was taken home.

At my home my friend asked me if I wanted to lie on the sofa and I said ‘no, I’m alright’. We both realised that I was alright! Now I’m not saying that it’s cured. The pain has gone. The “red hot poker” pain has gone and it’s bearable.  Although I am pushed around in a wheelchair it’s no trouble, some numbness is still there and I’ve got swelling round the ankle.

I go to see the surgeon on 4th January and he will give his opinion but what I will say to him is that ‘that terrible pain has gone and it’s due to God and the prayer team’. The pain has stayed away, and I say ‘thank you God and thank you Jesus’. We are amazed!