Jo’s Story

Two healings for the price of one! 

I went for prayer at Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee for my swollen knee which was giving me a lot of pain.

I was due to see the doctor as it hadn’t improved and I was prompted to seek the healer – Jesus Christ.

My knee was prayed for and instantly things started to happen, a movement in the knee cap, warm tingling sensation and reduction in pain.

While I was there I happened to mention some trauma I had gone through recently upon finding a sudden death at work, which had left me emotionally scared. I couldn’t get the image out of my head and felt such guilt and fear.

I was prayed for and was asked to visualise Jesus standing before me. It was an awesome experience as I saw Him in all His Glory, which I now see every time my mind goes back to that incident.

The light has overcome the darkness, I feel set free – praise God.

God doesn’t just heal the physical but the whole person.