Christine’s Story

“I am sure that I’m not the only woman who tries to soldier on when she is Ill. Not wanting to let people down and convincing herself that ‘it’ will pass – whatever ‘it’ may be.In my case it was migraine. For over 35 years I had suffered varying degrees of the debilitating illness, it could last for four to seven days at a time.During the past few years the attacks had become more frequent. I was on medication from the doctor but nothing seemed to work.Last summer during a 2 week holiday in the Med’ four of the days were stolen by my illness. It was then that I realised that migraine not only affected me but it took its toll on my partner, and although he never complained and was always sympathetic, it was unfair of me to soldier on. It was about this time that my dear friend spoke with me about the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee at Freeport Shopping Centre, Talke. A Christian based organisation, set up to help those who come to ask God for His friend knows me to be shy and  under confident when meeting people, but she explained that the meetings were informal, relaxed and without pressure, and so one Thursday evening I visited the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee – after all I had nothing to loose….how wrong I was…I lost what had plagued me for 35+ years and every day I thank God for His healing.”