Ben’s Story

As one who suffers from male hair loss over the last few years I have had to be particularly careful when going out into the sun and have developed a number of very dry spots on my scalp. My GP warned that untreated they were potential spots for skin cancers to form and  has treated these over the last few years by burning them off using liquid nitrogen. During the autumn this year I spent three weeks in the Caribbean and was particularly careful to use a high factor sun screen and wear a hat during the peak sunny periods. On my return I found that I had not developed any of these dry patches.

However some days later one of these patches reappeared, became very pronounced and began to sting whenever it was touched or I had a shower. I therefore set up an appointment to see my GP about this and if necessary get it burned off again.

One evening I spoke to one of the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee team and requested prayer for this. The prayer was short, sensitive and to the point.

The following morning I noticed a considerable reduction in the size of the affected area and no stinging when I took a shower. Three days later I met with my GP and remarked to him that since I had set up the appointment the condition had reduced. He examined my scalp and said that there was so little affected skin that there was not enough to burn off !!! Subsequently the skin has cleared up completely.

Praise the Lord for his goodness.