We’ve Tasted and We’ve Seen

Earlier this year, the International Association of Healing Ministries (IAHM) was planning a four-day healing conference, Presence 2020, to take place in Portugal during May. Several thousand people were hoping to attend. So when mass gatherings were banned as a result of the corona virus, instead of cancelling, the organisers took it as a God-given opportunity to make the conference more widely available by hosting it online. Result? The Presence 2020 Healing Rally became an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Why? Because we experienced for ourselves the new thing God was doing – and had our eyes opened to opportunities with the potential to usher in a fuller expression of Kingdom across the earth.

We at Healing Rooms England and Wales (HREW) were so blessed as a ministry to have been included in this. Spread over four days, there were 48 hours of ‘rallying’ – literally a rallying cry to the Church to come together and experience the off-the-scale goodness of God. Over 70 established healing ministries gathered together to cry out with one voice. Delegates from 114 nations came together to be part of what God was doing. Over 18,000 people from around the world requested free resources. There were daily live interviews with the likes of Francis Chan, Randy Clark, Nathan Morris and Claudio Freidzon. There were talk shows, miracle & healing services and – the climax – a night of Holy Spirit breakout. In the weeks following the event, more than half a million people have watched the recordings online. (These are still available via IAHM’s You Tube channel.)

Every evening more than 700 trained prayer ministers served in 10 online Healing ‘Rooms’, offering individual prayer in 10 different languages. This was Zoom on steroids! It was also a huge technical challenge as more than 2000 people received personal, face-to face prayer online. Guests would first find themselves in a waiting ‘room’ where they were welcomed before being allocated to a team of two in a private prayer ‘room’.

HREW were invited to serve as the English-speaking team over the four nights of the conference – along with alumni from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). It was slightly mind-boggling to witness miracles of healing, deliverance and the baptism of Holy Spirit through our computer screens. I don’t think anyone involved had ever experienced anything quite like it before. Hurray for the internet!

Who could have foreseen that a world in lockdown would witness such a multitude of people from so many nations, tribes, peoples and languages joining together like this in worship. And this was just the beginning; a foretaste of what’s to come. It was awesome.

The apostle John once said that if everything Jesus did was written down, the world couldn’t contain the books that would be written. Trying to communicate even a fraction of what we witnessed during The Presence is a tall order. To give you an idea of how far-reaching our prayers were, as a group we prayed for people in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Australia. The only continent we didn’t have any contact with, to my knowledge, was Antarctica! It’s difficult to communicate just how amazing it was for us to see into the home and look into the face of a young mum in Japan, and be able to pray for her, laying hands on her via our computer screens. I don’t know why I was surprised, but seeing demons manifest and kicked out when we were speaking from thousands of miles away was particularly surreal. It should also encourage us that, truly, nothing is impossible with God. Our authority in prayer is without limits. We are more powerful than we think.

Sharing testimonies of healing is often an imprecise ‘science’ because, unlike miracles, healings can take time to be verified. When I was healed following the discovery of pre-cancerous cells after a routine smear test, it took a number of hospital visits and follow-up tests to confirm for sure that the problem really had somehow ‘disappeared’. In the same way, when we release healing to others, it can take time before there is concrete evidence of a turnaround and healing is confirmed. In truth, for those of us who pray, we often never know the outcomes, but believe in faith for the breakthrough.

As the English-speaking contingent, our team alone prayed for more than 600 people. We are confident that every person receiving prayer was powerfully impacted by Holy Spirit – because God’s word ALWAYS produces fruit. We are expecting further breakthroughs to follow. So the only testimonies shared here are testimonies of clear and instantaneous change, recovery or release from pain. This is what we have seen and heard with our own eyes and ears. Still these are only a tiny reflection of the stories and experiences we continue to carry in our hearts. But they are a taste. We pray that this little ‘taste’ will enable you to see that, even in a pandemic, God really is good.

Our prayer teams were ‘buzzing’ when the rally finally came to an end: “Over three of the four evenings we prayed with 20 guests who came from all over the world. Only one from the UK; the others were from countries like Ghana, China, Switzerland, Jamaica, Hawaii, Malta and Malaysia. When a guest came into the ‘breakout’ room it was as if we were sitting with them at our regular Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee! Holy Spirit was immediately with them and with us. Their healing requests were so varied: from praying for family members, to baptism of Holy Spirit, childhood trauma and abuse, immune disorders, tinnitus, depression, advanced cancer…… There was even a deliverance with the guest manifesting as we prayed.”

Not surprisingly some of our prayers were directed at freedom from corona virus: “One lady was experiencing extreme anxiety because it was so difficult to breathe. One of the prayer team sang a melody over her which removed the anxiety and brought her peace. Incredibly, her breathing then returned to normal.”

A man from Fiji received healing from blindness in his left eye. He shared that the left eye was continuing to improve since being prayed for on Thursday. He’d also experienced flashes of light in his blind right eye, so had come for more prayer. He said a few weeks ago he’d had a dream that he was being prayed for online, but didn’t even know that was possible in Fiji! I don’t think we knew it was possible either. But with God ….

Then there was the young lady from Singapore who had fractured her left little finger five years ago. It was permanently set with wire and had virtually no movement: “We asked her right little finger to teach her left little finger to move again. Our guest was SO delighted when the upper joint of her left little finger started moving. ‘I haven’t been able to do this for over a year!’ she exclaimed with glee while wiggling it!”

There were two ladies who experienced breakthrough with hormonal issues. Neither was able to sweat. The first lady started to sweat as she was being prayed for. The second lady had also had a problem with sleeping. She’d returned for prayer, after being prayed for the night before. Her testimony was that she’d had the best sleep she’d had in a long time!

Remi* was a young French man and a relatively new Christian. His problem was anxiety which led to stomach pain. His eyesight had also been deteriorating since his baptism and he had bad hay fever. His eyesight improved significantly following prayer & was still improving as the prayer appointment came to an end. His hay fever was also completely gone with all symptoms stopping. The prayer team finished by breaking off anxiety and explaining to him how to overcome any enemy strategy to steal his blessing.

Then there were the wrists! Franzi* from Germany wanted prayer for arthritis. She said it was strange, but the pain had gone and she was now moving her wrists and hands normally. A young Asian lady also came with a wrist that was too painful to use: “We laid hands on the screen… instant healing. It took 4 minutes!”

There were many testimonies of backs and necks being healed: “While we were praying for a lady who’d had back pain for some years, she said the pain had gone.” But it didn’t always go as expected… Another team prayed for a man from Singapore with back pain. As they prayed, instead of getting better, the pain increased! But they didn’t give up. They took authority over it, prayed again & it went.

A lady from the USA had excruciating pain in her neck. The prayer team asked her to place her hands where the pain was. As they were praying, she started to laugh and, when asked what was happening, said, “WOW! The pain has gone; it just suddenly lifted!”

Adeline* a young girl from Singapore stayed up until 3am for her breakthrough. Again, her issue was pain in her back and neck. She’d already experienced healing for migraine during the conference. Following prayer her joy was complete as all pain left.

Binsa* from Nepal also asked for prayer for a bad back and within a few minutes was twisting and bending her back saying the pain had gone. She then bent over and touched her toes! Needless to say, she was very happy.

Leo* was a French Canadian and a relatively new Christian. He was suffering with serious back pain and also had concerns around his finances, work & mission. The team watched as all back pain disappeared. They then prayed a blessing over him and talked to him about his identity in Christ.

When a mother showed up with her 10 year old son who had a large lump on his neck, the team encouraged her to get involved and pray for him herself. She laid hands on him while the team supported her by laying hands on the screen. The lump reduced and after more prayer reduced some more. This mum also had severe and constant pain herself, on the left side of her head and neck, which went after prayer. (Prior to this, she hadn’t been without pain in a very long time.) 

There was a similar family situation in the US – a mother with scoliosis and crooked legs. Her daughter was encouraged to lay hands on her as the team prayed: “As the mother walked, her legs and back were straightening. We prayed again. More healing. The pain lifted. We left them praising God.”

A man from Venezuela asked for prayer for a skin complaint. A word of knowledge led to demons manifesting, followed by deliverance and a visible difference to his skin.

Fran Lu*, a young Chinese lady living in Singapore, was also completely healed of eczema on her hands. She’d received a measure of healing during the meetings, but her desire was for total freedom. The team described how they “had fits of ‘holy laughter’ when we saw Him move.”

Team members were also unexpectedly blessed with healing experiences of their own: “I personally received healing whilst listening to a speaker. He called out damaged nerves. Some years ago I dropped a heavy weight on my left foot, which shattered the nerves, and I lost feeling in two of my toes. When he began to pray, I laid hands on my foot. It was the next day I noticed the numbness had gone and all feeling had returned. Praise God!”

“During the prayer ministry time they prayed for scalp conditions and also scoliosis of the spine resulting in back pain. I’ve suffered from a dry itchy scalp for some time, so placed my hand on my head as instructed. As the minister spoke I felt a sensation over my scalp which seemed to go down my neck and into my spine. Since then the itchiness and flaking have cleared from my scalp, praise the Lord. I believe my back is healed too. But that remains to be confirmed medically, and through continuing freedom from the sporadic attacks of back pain I’ve suffered for many years.”

Lastly are all the testimonies of inner and emotional healing which can be more difficult to quantify but are so intricately connected to our physical health and wholeness. In our experience, choosing to forgive can often be the key that enables us to receiving healing. During this event there were occasions we witnessed breakthrough as people chose to let go of their hurts, their offences and their judgements.

In my own ‘two’, we ministered into deep hurt and led a lady in Switzerland to release forgiveness to the individuals who had hurt her. We saw major demonic manifestations before this lady was delivered. She looked so much lighter and brighter afterwards. Also, it turned out it was her birthday. You can’t beat freedom for a birthday present!

Mia* in America had many chronic immune system issues but, more than this, she was lonely and didn’t know the Father’s love. The team prayed through her ailments but then ‘walked’ her through experiencing His presence. She felt His love & peace like never before. It was the first time she knew who she was in Christ, her identity, and she heard God speak to her for the first time. Her whole demeanour changed and, at the end, one of the team sang over her. She was overwhelmed: “WOW! That was so powerful. I have never known prayer like that.” The team believe the key to her healing was knowing who she was in Christ.

One team member shared, “We prayed for a lady with a cyst in her stomach area on the side. I felt she had been through some trauma and just broke off any trauma and any word curses from her life and released her body from carrying any of that trauma. She said that it was right, what I said about the trauma. After we were done praying, she said she felt something moving in the area where the cyst was. We believe God has done something.”

Another commented that physical healing is sometimes secondary: that more than anything else God’s desire is for us to experience His love for us. They shared how precious this is to witness: “So many were completely overwhelmed by His love for them. Their hearts and minds were being touched. I believe they entered into a new phase of relationship with their Father. For me it was a time of learning and delving deeper into His love and character. I felt totally blessed by the whole experience.”

A lady in Malta, suffering with depression, felt it lift after deliverance. She said she felt, “God had sent His ‘specialist doctors’ to do what earthly doctors couldn’t do.” 

A man in Singapore was set free from severe panic attacks. Following deliverance he said he felt peaceful.

Juliana*, a young lady from Brazil, was struggling to believe God really loved her. The prayer team felt she experienced complete breakthrough. They prayed for her identity to be revealed and for her foundation to be built on the Father’s love.

There were also some powerful words of knowledge – somehow all the more powerful when delivered from such a distance. A lady in Latvia received prayer for physical and emotional healing. Following this, one of the prayer team had a word for her: “I see you getting a new bike; a really nice bike!” The lady broke down, explaining she’d been trying to fix her old bike and had been longing for a new one! Confirmation that God knows her, cares about the things she cares about and wants to meet her every need. Together they ‘called in’ the new bike. This lady was so blessed and had happy tears on leaving.

In the same way, a distressed man in Germany found freedom from shame when one of his prayer team shared an accurate word of knowledge: “We left him praising God for the change he felt for the first time.” 

What an opportunity to use the gifts God has given to reveal the love the Father has for His children.

And that was really where all these testimonies were heading: To the Father! To the One Who wants to make Himself known; to Jesus, who is the exact representation of everything the Father is; and to Holy Spirit, who wants to lead us into the truth of Who God is, as well as who we are and whose we are. What a privilege to be co-included!

At the end of the day, prayer is all about relationship. The goal of salvation, healing and deliverance all comes back to this relationship and, ultimately, is about learning to love. When we pray for people we want them to encounter that love – the Father’s love – and to develop their own relationship with him.

That was the heart’s cry of a young man in Singapore. He simply wanted God to speak to him and needed to learn how to hear Him: “With encouragement it didn’t take long for him to connect with his Father, and hear His voice. He was so ecstatic, he cried for joy.”

In my own ‘two’ we prayed for Marko*, a middle-aged man in Croatia, who’d just become a Christian and wanted to be filled with Holy Spirit. It was beyond joyous.

We also saw salvations; arguably the greatest miracle. One of our prayer teams describes their experience: “She was bed-bound, with multiple areas of pain and discomfort; very sad; depressed through lack of human contact during lockdown. Using her IT she had started listening to Christian broadcasts and discovered the conference online. She willingly committed her life to Jesus and we were able to pray for God’s light, comfort, hope and healing. The change in her face was amazing.” Wow. That’s what it’s all about. Bodies healed, lives changed, families and communities impacted by the love of God. It really doesn’t get any better than that. 

And so to the future: Unlimited opportunities to be a blessing? A fuller expression of Kingdom across the earth? Could this be the new normal? We’ve tasted, we’ve seen and we’re hungry for more!

*Names changed to protect confidentiality


HREW are currently exploring the possibility of developing the prayer model we experienced at The Presence. They are already running a UK Telephone Prayer Line – as a pilot – and Zoom Prayer Rooms would be a further development. Plus there is the possibility of partnering with IAHM to trial ongoing Zoom Healing Rooms for an agreed period of time. Developing an online platform for prayer ministry would also allow HREW to continue to partner with BSSM alumni. All of these possibilities add a dimension the ministry is eager to build on.