Update from the Miracle Night of 14th November

Testimony from one of our prayer-team – I wasn’t feeling that connected with God and in truth I didn’t want to join the prayer team on Saturday night because of this.In Spite of this I joined and God used me which blessed me and the prayer team member who was with us in the breakout room had a word for my husband and I, so glad that I pressed on and didn’t give in to my feelings.

One person had a number of health conditions and recently it had affected her walking. It was clear from her accent that she was from the USA. I had a picture of her walking on grass meadows as far as the eye could see, she was walking on the hills and valleys and through meadows. There was no effort on her part, she was stopping to breathe in the fresh air, it was peaceful, only the sounds of nature. I felt that God said “He wanted her to go to this place again” I thought or maybe it was a new place that God wants to go with her. Now, as I am saying all this to this lady, a smile of recognition comes to her face. She explained that I had just described the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, where she lives and used to walk.   I have never been to this part of the USA. We are believing that with God she will walk through those meadows, over those hills and through those valleys once again as God restores her to full health.

We prayed for a lady from Wisconsin and her 18 year-old daughter was very ill and had an awful eye condition. We prayed for her although she was asleep and for the mum and the whole family. The mother felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and a peace come over her. We won’t know the outcome unless they get back to let you know but it was a time of blessing.

We prayed for a  student at Cambridge University, suffering from physical symptoms of anxiety and some sporting injuries too. God did some deep work in her heart and lifted burdens from her and she felt very blessed. 

Lady from Birmingham but originally from Brazil.  She wanted prayer for healing of family relationships and closure over the legacy of her late mother who had resided in Brazil. I had a picture of a building with marble pillars standing in a sandy region, the sand was trying to encroach the building but without success as it was being blown away. We believe that the marble building stood for the ‘truth’ which will prevail, even though there had been some trying to erode it.  The lady was very encouraged.

A lady from Enfield came for prayer because she had ‘lumps’ appearing under her arm and some other parts of her body.  The Lord gave me a picture of the ‘Ace of Hearts’. We asked if this meant anything to her? She said she had known about the Lord for many years but it was head knowledge and she had only just come to know Him in a deeper way with her heart.  This seemed to be a sign that He was on her case as Father and that the picture was pointing out the ‘Father Heart of God’.

We prayed for a young lady from Connecticut whose father had cancer and mother had dementia and she felt the whole world on her shoulders so we were able to minister in to that situation as the burden was passed on to Jesus and afterwards her countenance just changed, no stress, no burden and her face just relaxed and was shining again. We also prayed for her father and mother even though they weren’t in the room.

We prayed for a lady from London who initially came for healing from various aches and pains in her body which were healed after prayer.  A prayer team member felt there were some deeper spiritual concerns which were addressed to which she was set free. The said lady started praising God and running around her room in total delight. She got more than she had expected.  It was a thrill to see.

We prayed for a lovely Chinese gentleman from Switzerland. He was standing in the gap for a Chinese lady friend who had hurt her ankle in a biking accident.  We could see that there was a deeper level of love he had for this lady. He blushed and agreed. We prayed for the lady and asked Jesus to heal her.  Also that God would do a deeper work in both of them.  The Chinese gentleman asked if he could pray for us to which we said yes. He blessed us with his prayers. It’s true that we get blessed when we bless others.

We prayed for a lady and her husband from Brooklyn, New York.  The lady was freed from word curses and then her bad headaches and a bad back were instantly healed. To add to which her husband was set free also from a foul odour.

We prayed for a single mum with a six year old autistic son. We prayed for emotional healing.  We saw her set free and the yolk of oppression was broken off her.

A lady wanted prayer for healing from acid reflux. We broke the power of anxiety over her. She forgave a supervisor who had treated her badly. She actually prayed for us which was lovely. We all felt it was an amazing privilege to be part of what God is doing.

Team prayed for a lady with carpal tunnel syndrome, she had multiple issues including trauma and soul ties. Following prayer she felt free of pain and started running around.

A lady who had come for prayer in October returned for further prayer. The lady came initially because she had been suffering with insomnia. She told the team that prayer had helped her and that she had been much more peaceful and wanted them to pray that her healing would be complete and that the peace she had found would increase.

Lady received healing for a knee problem.