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Strengthen yourself in the Lord – Autumn 2018

The Healing Rooms team for Congleton and Talke Costa Coffee recently completed a further training course.  The course was called “Strengten Yourself in the Lord” and used a DVD for the main content with time for discussion, prayer and activations. This was an 8 week course, the speaker was Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, Redding, California. Responses to the course by attendees is shown below –

Excellent study to strengthen you for the challenges that life can bring.

A confidence that God always turns up for the activations.

Good solid teaching. Great to spend time together. Especially encouraged by the thought that worship positions us to receive God’s promises. So encouraging!

Power of testimony – it’s prophetic – God will do it again. Power of praise in difficult situations.

Encouraging and challenging. Bill at his inspirational best. Great building exercise for all believers.

Personally received emotional and spiritual healing from the teaching and ministry.

Insightful and spirit-inspired teaching. Christ-centred and focused on the deepest needs of those requesting prayer.

Increase in my faith, how to deal with difficult situations and a confirmation of how the Lord is leading me in prayer in a wonderful fellowship and family of God’s people.

Fellowship, worship, expectation of spiritual gifting. Good, clear teaching.

Amazing life-giving content with very practical applications. Very helpful for connecting with God at all times.

He’s encouraged me to re-read the book which is such a practical guide to how God has equipped us for difficult seasons.

Travelling on a journey together to expand our horizons and understanding of what God has for us.

Grown in confidence and awareness that God will use me to further His kingdom wherever I am and whatever I am doing.

The importance of the power of testimony – it’s effects and power – are amazing – a real power house for our constant journey with the Lord

Really enjoyed the meetings. I go away each week feeling stronger and the fellowship of friends and their support means so much to me at this time.

An opportunity to gather together as a whole team and share testimony – personal testimonies of healing. Very encouraging.  As a healing ministry it’s very wholesome to see the team members receiving God’s healing power themselves. Strengthen yourself J in the Lord!

It cannot be understated what gathering together and pressing in as a couple of teams does for the cohesion of the group. Following a training track, as such, fully facilitates this.

Attending the healing rooms training course: Wonderful and insightful teaching – amazing times of worship – hearing from God in ways I have not known before – more intimate relationship with the Father and Jesus – knowing the incredible presence of the Holy Spirit. A great unity with other members of the group.

This course is a must for every Christian. During the course we found ourselves in a situation where we really needed to draw from this material and faced with a testing time looking fear, panic and despair in the face we declared God’s promises, remembered the testimony and praised His goodness and the miracle came! Praise God!