HR Team Member Reports –

I recently returned from a visit to Uganda, I was one of a group of six people who went primarily to visit a nursery and primary school in Namataba.

My friend and the organiser of the trip first visited the village in 2014 when the makeshift school was simply made from a few planks of wood and iron sheets and staffed by mums. When we visited, what a change! A brick school and trained staff. This is the difference that hard work, investment and prayer have made.

It’s a beautiful country with so much potential but I was mainly touched by the exuberance for life that seems to fill the people, their warmth and generosity, despite the day to day poverty and hardships. 

On my trip there was so much appreciation for the items which we had taken out with us and our time spent in the school. But I felt I was given far more, the life changing gift of a new perspective on life and hope which is so precious whatever our circumstances.