HR National Conference 2019 Delegate Feedback

 The Conference offered an amazing array of experiences and it is difficult to separate them, however there were a few that made a more profound impression on me. The first was from the teaching of Pete Carter and this was to change our mindset from being “Church Minded” to “Kingdom Minded”. Those familiar words of the Lord’s prayer – “Thy Kingdom come Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” – took on a new and deeper meaning as Pete explored the words and outlined a vision of what this really means. The thought of bringing aspects of the heavenly realm, ie no more pain, tears and suffering down to Earth was made real by the teaching and for me provided a new challenging and exciting prospect.

The second impression I took away from the Conference was that of freedom, especially in worship. The Worship aspect of the Conference was incredibly uplifting and the sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence was overwhelming and left me just wanting more. I was delighted by the story Carrie Lloyd gave, where at one of her meetings there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and someone said that the whole thing was madness. Whereupon God said “Yes but it’s my madness”. What a joyful and encouraging response. (The quote may not be entirely correct but the sense is).

In summary I sense the Conference has given me more motivation to do all I can for the Kingdom and to pursue my own journey into the supernatural, praise God and thanks to all that made this event possible.