God’s Healing is for Today !!

The Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee based in Cheshire have recently completed another round of training. The training  comprised 10 weekly sessions and used the “The Essential Guide to Healing” by Bill Johnson and Randy Clark.  Each session included a time of worship, a video talk by Bill or Randy, discussion around the video and activations that used techniques from the video. It was an exciting few weeks, the team reaction was really enthusiastic and each weekly session was attended by almost the whole team. The input to the discussions was generous with the activations proving to be a high point with full participation from those involved. Everyone involved came away having moved forward in their walk with God and with new ideas to bring to their interactions with persons coming to the Costa Coffee shops for healing. The team reactions were –

“A good, practical guide which covered all the essentials for activating us in the supernatural”

“Great teaching and a good opportunity to share with like-minded folk”

“From the teaching of Bill & Randy I have been encouraged to trust that he will ‘speak’ to me as he leads me to the people he is calling”

“God’s healing is for today”

“Excellent teaching on stepping out, taking risks and giving God full control over each situation”

“A fresh impetus and confidence to see healing in the market place”

“Good to reflect on good teaching and discussion with challenging activation – good for me personally”

“Challenging and satisfying to go deeper with God and each other”

“Meeting together with like-minded people has been a great privilege and pleasure”

“He has drawn me deeper into His presence and understanding of Him as Healer and Healing”

“Deep ministry to the soul bringing comfort and hope. Excellent teaching to mull over – healing”

“The course has increased my faith level to take more risks and step out exercising words of knowledge. What we practised in small groups we can take outside, the group in the market place”

“It’s been a great time to see God move in team members. To witness amazing personal God encounters and to hear prophetic words given. It’s important to be aware of the words God is speaking over each other – then we can pray and encourage each other as we grow into God’s plan for our lives”

“I have found this training course to be an awakening of my spirit and the training DVDs to have some diamonds of information and encouragement”