Healing Rooms Beginnings

John G Lake was born in Canada in 1870. He went to South Africa as a missionary in 1908 and his ministry estimated to have a million converts and established over 600 churches.

In 1914, John. G. Lake was called by God to Spokane, Washington State, USA, where he brought together a team of men and women who he named “healing Technicians”. He opened a suite of rooms in the Rookery Building in downtown Spokane which eventually became known as the “Healing Room” within a five to six year period there were documented over 100,000 healings and Spokane was named by a federal government representative as the “healthiest city in the world”.

In California in the late 1990’s Cal Pierce and his wife Michelle were led to re-open the Healing Rooms and eventually in July 1999 this was re-started in the same building where John Lake began his work. The Healing Rooms were staffed by a team of intercessors that Cal Pierce assembled in 1999 and was preceded by a huge prayer effort by the team supported by the local Churches. The work was immediately successful and within a short time Cal Pierce was taking two conferences a month, being booked a year in advance by other churches wanting to spread the Healing Rooms across the United States and Internationally.

Healing Rooms were opened in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, Korea and other parts of the world. This led to the formation of the International Healing rooms which provide connections, tools, training and support for all other Healing Rooms although they are each an independent organisation.
Healing Rooms now exist in over 70 countries around the world and have in excess of 110 in the UK alone.

For more information, read Cal Pierce’s book “Preparing the Way”, ISBN 1-58158-037-1.

Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee (UK Beginnings)

page_history_media2Following the establishment of Healing Rooms in many locations around the UK, we were given the opportunity in 2012 to follow a vision to explore taking Healing Rooms into the ‘Market Place’. In the same manner in which Jesus engaged with people where they were it was felt that it was important for the message to be taken out and made available to a wider audience. At the same time contact was made with the Costa Coffee organisation who agreed to support the work and allow access to their premises.

photo 3The first of the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee was opened at The Freeport Shopping Mall in Talke, North Staffordshire in September 2012 followed 18 months later by opening in the Costa shop at the Tesco SuperStore, Congleton Cheshire. These two have become the pattern for others to develop the “market place” approach and move into their own local Costa Coffee shop. The first of the two new ones is Sleaford, Lincolnshire and Burnley, Lancashire. Costa Healing Rooms are run independently but oversight and support is provided by the National Healing Rooms Association.

page_history_media3The opening of the Congleton  Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee was supported by a number of Congleton’s civic bodies and the photograph’s show Paul Clift, Director of UK Healing Rooms, Fiona Bruce, local Member of Parliament and Veronica Mee, Director of Costa Healing Rooms Talke and Congleton.


The National Healing Rooms would like to acknowledge and thank Costa Coffee for their willingness and encouragement in welcoming this Christian ministry into their cafés. We honour and appreciate them trusting us to be in situ during regular opening hours.

Want to find out more? Why not head over the locations page to find out how you can get prayer and local contact details, or alternatively contact the national office to find out more about starting your own Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee!