Christine’s Story

“I am sure that I’m not the only woman who tries to soldier on when she is Ill. Not wanting to let people down and convincing herself that ‘it’ will pass – whatever ‘it’ may be.In my case it was migraine. For over 35 years I had suffered varying degrees of the debilitating illness, it could last for … [Read more…]

Stephen’s Story

“I went to Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee with my wife as I’ve had a bad back and a cough for over a year. I described my problems to the team who were really understanding and friendly. They prayed for me and one team member had a vision regarding my illness and how to remove it. They didn’t just … [Read more…]

Carrie’s Story

“I visited the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee after having a very uncomfortable ear problem for two months, which was affecting my everyday life. The welcome I received was great, it was so warm and kind. We started off with a quick chat which put me at ease immediately. I described my issue, and they listened carefully, then began to … [Read more…]