Bob’s Story

Last summer I’d agreed to go on holiday with friends before but had never flown. I’d always found excuses not to fly but the reality was that I was scared to do so. As the date of the holiday came nearer I was becoming more and more anxious and worked up. A friend suggested that … [Read more…]

Claire’s Story

My journey began when I went along to the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee Freeport at Talke. I took along a friend for prayer but God had other ideas!! And prompted me to ask for prayer for an ongoing knee injury. It was after the experience of God completely healing my knee through such lovely … [Read more…]

Charlotte’s Story

On impulse I went to the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee to join with others in prayer for a relative who was undergoing a serious operation in hospital the following day.  These prayers gave me peace about the situation. As I was about to leave, one of the prayer ministers asked if he could pray … [Read more…]

Pat’s Story

What a fantastic time I had at the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee ministry. I am to undergo chemotherapy and I went along specifically to ask God for strength for the treatment. Through the prayer I was wholeheartedly assured that Jesus is healing me.  But God wanted to do something more!  God spoke directly into … [Read more…]

Sally’s Story

One Friday I went for a routine eye checkup, and was told by my optician that it looked like I had the early signs of Macula Degeneration in my left eye!  My heart sank as for the last 12 months plus I have been taking my mother in law to hospital to have monthly injections … [Read more…]

Michelle’s Story

One of the ladies from Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee saw me hobbling into Tesco hardly able to walk because I had hurt my knee.  She and another lady prayed for me at Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee and afterwards she asked me how the knee was feeling.  By way of reply, I showed her … [Read more…]

Lauren’s Story

I just want to thank God and the team at Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee.  February 2015 I was in a very low dark place.  Circumstances in my life changed dramatically and my world came crashing down.  With the stress of it all I had no strength in my body and had prayer for that … [Read more…]