Jane’s Story

Just before Christmas 2015, I began with pain in my back, side and right round the front and under my ribs, beginning very suddenly.   The doctor diagnosed a muscular problem.   However the pain continued right through until beginning April.   I saw the doctor again, had an ultrasound scan, saw the physio and was given exercises, … [Read more…]

Joan’s Story

I was prayed for at the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee, Congleton,  following many months of suffering with eczema on my arms and eyes which were swollen and very sore. Within a few weeks of being prayed for the at the Healing Rooms the soreness had completely cleared up and has not returned.”  

Ben’s Story

As one who suffers from male hair loss over the last few years I have had to be particularly careful when going out into the sun and have developed a number of very dry spots on my scalp. My GP warned that untreated they were potential spots for skin cancers to form and  has treated … [Read more…]

B’s Story

In August I was booked to go onto a family holiday and I was going up to the Healing Rooms on the off chance that my friend from work was going as she was having a rough time.  Before I went to Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee I had called in on my daily visit … [Read more…]

Rachel’s Story

Dear Healing Rooms Team. I am writing about my visit to Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee, Congleton , last Wednesday. For several weeks I have had increased pain in the muscle tissue in my back, and at times it has been almost too much to bear. I have had prayer from the team previously over … [Read more…]

J’s Story

I seemed to be caught up in a vacuum of despair and hopelessness.  Hurt and rejection from someone I had respected for thirty years had been the catalyst to promote this state of mind and heart. I had to face up to the fact I was out of control, and felt on a pathway of … [Read more…]