Rachel’s Story

Several months ago I noticed some stiffness in my fingers.  Eventually the fingers became so painful that I could no longer grip a pen or operate a manual tin opener.  I decided something needed to be done because it was so limiting. I went to see the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee. They were very … [Read more…]

Alison’s Story

In recent times my granddaughter and her parents, who are divorced, were having a difficult relationship. One Thursday evening I went to the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee and asked for prayer about my granddaughter’s relationship with her parents. What I didn’t know was that on the very next day (Friday) my granddaughter, who had … [Read more…]

Janes Story

Pineapple Healing! A few weeks ago I thought I would try a different drink and ordered a fruit smoothie whilst at Costa Coffee – it was a new fruit smoothie on the menu – however as soon as I drank it I immediately began to feel unwell and realised it must have pineapple in. I … [Read more…]

Alan’s Story

I would like to tell you my story about one of our training sessions for the Healing Rooms.   The training sessions are times when we come together as members of the Healing Rooms to worship pray and watch training DVD’s and practice praying and waiting for the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us in … [Read more…]

Vanessa’s Story

I went to the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee on a Thursday and had planned just to observe what was going on.  I was approached by one of the prayer team who asked if I wanted prayer. I agreed, as I was in need of help and strength to deal with my son who has … [Read more…]

“Supernatural Glue!!”

Just returned from a holiday in Turkey but what a time I had just before we went! On the Thursday afternoon just before we flew out to turkey on the Friday a filling in my wisdom tooth came loose. I could feel it moving around in the cavity of my tooth  and I started to … [Read more…]

Amanda’s Story

Here is the testimony of my marathon experience. I have attached a photograph of Japanese runner Makoto Takeuchi. This was taken by the Mental Health Foundation photographer at mile 18. I was training for the London Marathon this year, my very first marathon, when I ran into injury. My back seized up three and a … [Read more…]