Megan’s Story

Due to pulling a muscle in my neck and shoulder I was in tremendous pain, I had worked all day but was close to tears with the pain so I went along to Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee and asked for prayer. Two of the team prayed for me and invited the Holy Spirit to … [Read more…]

Training Session Testimonies

These testimonies were received following the training of a team who will be operating a new Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee in the North of England – In church Sunday morning I felt Jesus was standing with me. During last hymn I had another picture. New white cladding was being put on my house I … [Read more…]

Angela’s Story

I had problems with my right eye from November 2012, causing bad pain on and off, and once, for a whole day, I wasn’t able to see out of my right eye at all.  Eventually after several trips to the GP and to the hospital, a problem was identified with the cornea in my right … [Read more…]

Joan’s Story

It is a privilege and pleasure to write a testimony to encourage other people to visit you:-   ” I am a regular visitor at my local Costa. Sometime ago I visited when the “Healing Rooms” were present. For weeks after that I watched their presence with great interest. I then started talking to the Group. I was so … [Read more…]

June’s Story

I had been in hospital for about 5 weeks and then home for 2 weeks. While I was in hospital and again while I was at home I had a terrible pain in my right leg in the calf.  I’d had a revision of a hip replacement and they’d pulled the nerve. When they equalise … [Read more…]

Jim’s Story

I went to Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee, at Talke (Stoke-on Trent), for prayer with a painful foot problem that I had had for about 2 months. I had been to the doctors but they just said I needed to rest. So I asked for prayer as it was making walking difficult and painful, affecting … [Read more…]

Mary’s Story

Sending love and greetings to all the Team in Jesus Name!!   I want to share this testimony, which is long overdue, that I was in agony with my right knee, and had been sent to a local Hospital for an X-ray.    The results were “wear and tear “.   I was wearing my husband’s knee brace … [Read more…]