Angela’s Story

I had problems with my right eye from November 2012, causing bad pain on and off, and once, for a whole day, I wasn’t able to see out of my right eye at all.  Eventually after several trips to the GP and to the hospital, a problem was identified with the cornea in my right … [Read more…]

Joan’s Story

It is a privilege and pleasure to write a testimony to encourage other people to visit you:-   ” I am a regular visitor at my local Costa. Sometime ago I visited when the “Healing Rooms” were present. For weeks after that I watched their presence with great interest. I then started talking to the Group. I was so … [Read more…]

June’s Story

I had been in hospital for about 5 weeks and then home for 2 weeks. While I was in hospital and again while I was at home I had a terrible pain in my right leg in the calf.  I’d had a revision of a hip replacement and they’d pulled the nerve. When they equalise … [Read more…]

Jim’s Story

I went to Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee, at Talke (Stoke-on Trent), for prayer with a painful foot problem that I had had for about 2 months. I had been to the doctors but they just said I needed to rest. So I asked for prayer as it was making walking difficult and painful, affecting … [Read more…]

Mary’s Story

Sending love and greetings to all the Team in Jesus Name!!   I want to share this testimony, which is long overdue, that I was in agony with my right knee, and had been sent to a local Hospital for an X-ray.    The results were “wear and tear “.   I was wearing my husband’s knee brace … [Read more…]

Laura’s Story

I went to the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee last month and had an amazing breakthrough where two of the team members prayed for me. As part of the prayer session we talked about meeting again to go through a full Sozo and I am hoping to get this arranged in the very near future.  … [Read more…]

Joan’s Story

My testimony I want to share is that I was in agony with my knee some six months ago and it was so bad I had to wear my husbands knee brace.  I was prayed for by the team and four days later I was completely pain-free!!   Thanks to the team but a mighty thanks to … [Read more…]