Karen’s Story

I visited the healing rooms shortly after the arrival of my first born. I was experiencing dizzy spells which made it very difficult to care for my new born baby. I was anxious to carry him for fear I would drop him. I visited the doctors on numerous occasions where I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis, … [Read more…]

Paula’s Story

I was admitted to Hospital on Saturday 12/01/19, with high fever (102 deg F +), signs of liver infection and inflamed lymph nodes. The doctors were unsure of what was wrong & I was kept in for 5 nights under observation. After x-rays, CT scans, an ultra sound examination and being on a saline drip … [Read more…]

Testimony Shared

Passing on the Testimony At a recent Congleton and Talke Healing Rooms training evening the content of the study included the power of testimony and how testimony can be used to bring healing into situations that are similar to the original testimony. The trainer reminded the group that the word “Testimony” comes from the Hebrew … [Read more…]

Graham’s Story

I was experiencing some quite uncomfortable lower back muscular pain which was restricting movement and being able to sleep.  It also prevented me from playing and enjoying squash as fully as I like to.  This was very frustrating and painful.   Three people from my local Healing Rooms prayed for my back. There was a … [Read more…]

Gemma’s Story

Our daughter gave birth to our first grandson recently and he had to have immediate antibiotics due to an infection they both contracted during labour – he had to have assistance when he was born and carefully monitored in the hours following . Although my daughters infection markers dropped and she started to recover ,the … [Read more…]