Grateful Thanks

This thank you was received recently and was very much appreciated by the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee Prayer Team. “We have not met but we have a mutual friend in Georgina and I just wanted to thank you and your friends for all the prayers you’ve sent up on behalf of my husband John … [Read more…]

Healing at a Wedding

This took place at a local wedding where some members of the Healing Rooms Prayer Team were present. Just to say how blessed and amazed I am at the instant healing of my left hand yesterday when you both prayed for me. Since November 2019 when handling a mass of decking, the area around my … [Read more…]

June’s Story

I went to Costa Coffee where the team member who listened to me was aware of my situation. I was in a very difficult place with work and she offered to pray for me. I had an injury to my arm which meant I couldn’t do my job properly. The management wanted me to go … [Read more…]

Chloe’s Story

A number of month’s ago my uncle Glyn underwent medical tests. The results of a psa test had a very high reading which confirmed the possibility that he had prostate cancer. A friend of ours suggested going to the Healing Rooms so they went along to the Healing Rooms at Talke and “Stood in the … [Read more…]

Helen’s Story

I was in severe and constant pain due to arthritis in my hip and was unable to walk far. At a church service members of the Healing Rooms team came and talked about the work of the organisation.  After the service I had prayer for my hip. During the prayer time I felt a warmth … [Read more…]