June’s Story

I went to Costa Coffee where the team member who listened to me was aware of my situation. I was in a very difficult place with work and she offered to pray for me. I had an injury to my arm which meant I couldn’t do my job properly. The management wanted me to go … [Read more…]

Chloe’s Story

A number of month’s ago my uncle Glyn underwent medical tests. The results of a psa test had a very high reading which confirmed the possibility that he had prostate cancer. A friend of ours suggested going to the Healing Rooms so they went along to the Healing Rooms at Talke and “Stood in the … [Read more…]

Helen’s Story

I was in severe and constant pain due to arthritis in my hip and was unable to walk far. At a church service members of the Healing Rooms team came and talked about the work of the organisation.  After the service I had prayer for my hip. During the prayer time I felt a warmth … [Read more…]

Bella’s Story

Our two year old cat “Bella” had developed little sore patches on her back which were slow to clear so we went to see the Vet and after giving her an injection for that she went on to check her general health.  She discovered a severe case of gingivitis where her whole mouth, gums and … [Read more…]

A Team Members Experience

At a recent local Church prayer meeting I became aware that one of the attendees was in considerable discomfort and I felt prompted to pray for them. The leader was following the usual format for the meeting so I decided to pray for this person whilst the other prayer topics were being dealt with. The … [Read more…]

John’s Story

THURSDAY (11th July 2019) I discussed with a friend what new plants I’d like in the garden. Decided I would quite like lavender, on the other hand I can’t smell them. SATURDAY (13th July 2019) went to training course at Flitwick Healing Rooms. At one stage the leader said, “I think there are people here … [Read more…]

Phillipa’s Story

A word of knowledge came to the senior trainers at the conference, and as I sat in my seat I was surprised as I realised it was about me.  Is there anyone here who doesn’t smell?  Some laughter from the delegates, “or not able to smell”?  Jostling in my seat contemplating should I raise my … [Read more…]