Phillipa’s Story

A word of knowledge came to the senior trainers at the conference, and as I sat in my seat I was surprised as I realised it was about me.  Is there anyone here who doesn’t smell?  Some laughter from the delegates, “or not able to smell”?  Jostling in my seat contemplating should I raise my … [Read more…]

Anne’s Story

Whilst out walking I felt a sharp snap sensation in my calf muscle and intense pain. The minor injuries unit confirmed I’d badly pulled the lower muscle and told me to rest and take painkillers. However as the week continued the pain got worse and I went to the doctor and they said not only … [Read more…]

HR North West Regional Day

Healing Rooms North West held their Regional Day on the 29th June 2019, this took place at the Beacon House of Prayer in Sandyford, Stoke -on-Trent. A number of healing Rooms from around the North West were represented as well as team members from the local Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee. The day started with … [Read more…]

George’s Story

A couple of weeks prior to the 2019 Conference we came to the Healing Rooms at Costa in Congleton and I had prayer for my eyes. I have Glaucoma which is degenerative and not reversible. I had failed an eye test for DVLA and lost my driving license. During April I had an appointment with … [Read more…]

Keeping Your Love On

“Keeping Your Love On” is the name of the training course that is currently being run for the Congleton and Talke Healing Rooms Team. The course was authored by Danny Silk, a member of the Leadership Team at the School of Supernatural Ministry, Bethel, Redding, California. The course focuses on relationships and how to improve … [Read more…]