Vanessa’s Story

I went to the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee on a Thursday and had planned just to observe what was going on.  I was approached by one of the prayer team who asked if I wanted prayer. I agreed, as I was in need of help and strength to deal with my son who has … [Read more…]

Laughing at the lie – Another perspective from ELA 2016

Laughing at the lie Last month (1-3 Aug) over 2000 leaders of ministries and churches of every conceivable persuasion from around 60 nations met for 3 days at Harrogate International Conference Centre to speak hope over Europe. There were Anglicans, Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, Evangelicals … in fact, a ‘right good mixture’, as their Yorkshire hosts … [Read more…]

“Supernatural Glue!!”

Just returned from a holiday in Turkey but what a time I had just before we went! On the Thursday afternoon just before we flew out to turkey on the Friday a filling in my wisdom tooth came loose. I could feel it moving around in the cavity of my tooth  and I started to … [Read more…]

Amanda’s Story

Here is the testimony of my marathon experience. I have attached a photograph of Japanese runner Makoto Takeuchi. This was taken by the Mental Health Foundation photographer at mile 18. I was training for the London Marathon this year, my very first marathon, when I ran into injury. My back seized up three and a … [Read more…]

Jane’s Story

Just before Christmas 2015, I began with pain in my back, side and right round the front and under my ribs, beginning very suddenly.   The doctor diagnosed a muscular problem.   However the pain continued right through until beginning April.   I saw the doctor again, had an ultrasound scan, saw the physio and was given exercises, … [Read more…]